27 September 2012


1- Introduction 

Our unique business model was created specifically for you to make money. BOSSVENTURE is a business opportunity that share a portion of Daily Profit Share (DPS), Merchant's Program and Licensee Program. 

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You will get paid everyday without fail.

2- Three Major Income 

a. Daily Profit Share - up to 1.5% per day
b. Reseller Licensee Program
c. Merchant Program

Step 1- Register FREE as a VIP Shopper 

Step 2- Activate Licensee Program

Step 3 - Refer Merchant 

Daily Profit Share (DPS)

Here's How It Works: 

Each night after the close of the business day the company tallies it's sales and shares a portion of them with ALL qualified members, including you! Did you get that? You can earn as soon as today!!!

$2,000 to $3,000 per month PASSIVELY. 

Let's use a 1.5% Daily Profit Share (DPS) figure in this example (Please note: This is only an example and the actual amount will vary day to day, up to 1.5% daily). When you reach 25,000 peek credits in your account, then you could start doing an 80/20 cash-out plan. Pay close attention…When you hit 25,000 peek credits in your account, if the DPS daily cash-back percentage is 1.5%, BossVenture will be awarding you with $375.00 each day.

First of all, did you catch that?...you’re making $375 per day…it’s your money!

Ok, the 80/20 plan works like this 

Take 80% of that $375 and put that back into your future growth by doing what you’ve been doing every day, which is mostly just peeking. Then, pull out 20% of the $375 (or $75) and use it however you want.

That’s USD $525 per week, or about $2,250 per month 
in passive income! 

And keep in mind…these amounts can continue to grow day after day and month after month. Where else can you do that?

That’s not all! BossVenture has an incredible Reseller Licensee Program that will completely blow your mind. It’s a comp plan powered by rocket fuel and the sky is the limit!

That’s it! Now go play golf, or head to the gym, or whatever you like to do. 

The 3 wallet will be yours and note the daily increement. 

E wallet Statement

DPS Wallet Statement (1.5%)

Product Wallet Statement

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